Girl in a Suitcase Upgraded (Catalogue number WHRCD901)

This CD set contains over 60 cult classics from mainly the 1960s and 1970s, heard on Film, TV and Radio. I’ve included themes and also incidental music from programmes, plus music heard on Test Card transmissions from the period and a few interlude tunes played on daytime television between the programmes.

At the time, it was almost impossible to obtain many of these recordings and indeed some have remained in the vaults for many years until now!

Thanks to Lucy Woodward’s superb remastering efforts, we can all enjoy these nostalgic recordings in magnificent quality, many of which have recently been re-discovered in stereo.

Happy Listening,

March 2009

Track Listing

CD1 Outbound

  1. The Zodiac David Lindup Big Band
  2. Girl About Town The Syd Dale Orchestra
  3. Chase That Car! Laurie Johnson
  4. (At the Sign of) The Swingin' Cymbal Brass Incorporated
  5. Men on the Move Keith Mansfield
  6. Mini Walking, Mini Clarinet and Mini Movement Johnny Pearson
  7. Domino International Studio Group
  8. Holiday People 1 James Clarke
  9. The Loner Mark Duval and his Music
  10. Walk and Talk European Sound Stage Orchestra
  11. Mr. Big Cha Cha The Scottmen Plus
  12. Eurocrat Pandora Orchestra
  13. Blue Bottle The Frank Barcley Group
  14. C'mon In European Sound Stage Orchestra
  15. Donald Roger Roger Ensemble
  16. Glad Gadabout Johnny Scott Group
  17. A Fuguey Day Ron Grainer Harpsichord Group
  18. The Hell Raisers European Sound Stage Orchestra
  19. Walk in the New Forest European Sound Stage Orchestra
  20. Just Like That Brass Incorporated
  21. The Free Life b Alan Parker
  22. Hot Rod The Scottmen
  23. Music to Drive By Oscar Brandenburg Orchestra
  24. Cock of the Roost Pandora Orchestra
  25. Roadwalk The Group 40 Orchestra
  26. The Black Rider Mark Duval and his Music
  27. Fasten Seat Belts Gerhard Narholz Orchestra
  28. Gumboots Lee Mason and his Orchestra
  29. Running Free Pandora Orchestra
  30. Daisy Bird Ole Jensen and his Music
  31. Hello Honky Tonk The Syd Dale Band
  32. Mexican Marmalade Ron Grainer Harpsichord Group
  33. A Well Swung Fanfare Oscar Brandenburg Ochestra

CD2 Inbound

  1. Won't You Join the Dance? The Otto Keller Orchestra
  2. Soul of a City Leonhardt and his Orchestra
  3. Song of the Sun Paul Dupont and his Orchestra
  4. Regency Rake The New Dance Orchestra
  5. Punch Bowl Les Jambons
  6. Mini Link 10, 11, 9 and Mini Movement 2 Johnny Pearson
  7. Fly Away The Marc Laroche Ensemble
  8. The Mugwamp The Reg Wale Group
  9. Bikini Parade The Pierre Lavin Pop Band
  10. Rock Festival The Bruton Rock Group
  11. Pop-Art The Scottmen Plus
  12. Bossa Nova The Internation Studio Group
  13. Tandy Nino Nardini and his Orchestra
  14. To the Fair Jack's New Music Group
  15. Leisure Complex European Sound Stage Orchestra
  16. Singing Surf The International Studio Group
  17. The Brass'illian Bird The Sydney Dale Orchestra
  18. Counterspy The Marc Laroche Ensemble
  19. Goofy Cliff Johns Sound
  20. Zipalong John Cacavas and his Orchestra
  21. The Free Life Alan Parker
  22. Sidewinder Version 2 The International Studio Beat
  23. Victor Ludorum Munich Concert Pop Orchestra
  24. Sprocket Shuffle The Bruton Beat
  25. Power-Plus Paul Dupont and his Orchestra
  26. Las Vegas The KPM Players
  27. Sporty Type Don Jackson Orchestra
  28. England 88 Don Jackson Orchestra
  29. Motivation Alan Parker Sound
  30. Comedy Cocktail Pt. 8 Comedy Ensemble
  31. Fruity Flute The Reg Wale Group
  32. Jet Set The Mike Vickers Group
  33. Superperformance David Lindup Big Band